By: Tristan Ortiz

*Spoilers Ahead*

The seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finally come to an end this past week, and it sure went out with a bang. …

Are Directors locked into their style or are we watching movies the wrong way?

By Aaron M Williams

Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited (2007), a film about three estranged brothers who travel across India on a spiritual journey, is different territory for the beloved auteur. His style has remained consistent…

By: Tristan Ortiz

To say that Dan Harmon’s witty, fast-paced comedy series Community is unique would be a brutal understatement. In a world before Rick and Morty, series creator Dan Harmon’s heart was in something more down-to-Earth and intimate: life in community college.

The story begins when lawyer Jeff Winger…

(No Spoilers)

By Aaron M Williams

When I finished Trolls World Tour, I was genuinely surprised how much I liked it more than the original. This was perhaps because the film is more inclusive with its music and presented themes that are all-too socially relevant in our modern world. …

By: Tristan Ortiz

Hollywood loves its happy endings; to see good triumph over evil. Since the very beginning, filmmakers have put in efforts to visualize and bring to the life events in the Bible that have captivated us for thousands of years. The ultimate triumph of good over evil is…

By: Cinema Gems

COVID-19 has slowly metastasized since early March and recent “stay-at-home” orders have people scrounging for stimulation. Like Jack Nicholson, many of us may be developing a small case of cabin fever. …

Onward: Pixar’s New Trend?

By: Aaron Williams

In this article, I examine the trend in Pixar films over the past decade to see what stands out. Has the company hit a rut or are there greater things to come?

“Onward” (2020)
Pixar’s Onward (2020)

Pixar seems to be having an identity crisis. With the release…

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We’re more than just movie reviewers, we are movie connoisseurs. Beyond just observations, we focus on trends in the film industry.

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