What’s the real motivation behind what you do?

3 min readAug 25, 2014

Most of my life I felt the urge to do things. So I did. Talks, extreme skating, trips, associations, relationships, projects, businesses, radio shows, public speaking, events, conferences, gatherings, meetings, blogs, writing, starting a book, again projects, etc. And this went on and on until something happened. An unexpected event. An event who manifested both on the exterior world and inside me at the same time. I realized that a lot of things that I did bring me and others a lot of unhappiness.

So I stopped for a moment. I laid back, looked at things with a fresh view and decided to do less and focus on the essentials. I started to let go of things. Two years later, with a lot less on my agenda and my life, another event emerged. And I realized that a lot of things that I did bring me and others a lot of unhappiness. First, I was confused and frustrated. Then, I tried to understand what really happened. And yet again, I discovered at the root of everything a compulsive urge to do things, to achieve, to do and to be more.

Then, soon after that, I received in the presence a powerful question: what happens if you extract EGO from everything? The Ego with its countless manifested forms and feelings: vanity, pride, anger, frustration, lack, seduction, need, separation, competition, grief, boredom, sadness, lust, fear. What’s left there? I was shocked to realize that my crowded agenda, most of the projects I was anxious to do, the people I wanted to meet, etc., disappeared in a second. I also knew in an instant that all the things that brought me and others suffering I started from Ego.

What remains are just some simple, essential, joyful things that I always loved doing. The things you feel with your whole being, the things that always bring you joy, enthusiasm and happiness. The things that truly matter to you.

I deeply realised, like so many others, that behind everything we do hide two main motivations: one is Ego (or fear), and the other one is Love*. Everything I did from Ego was hard to accomplish, artificial, stressful, shallow. And always, in the end the result was unhappiness for everyone. Even if you do millions or billions of dollars this way, you pay too big of a price to enjoy it.

Everything I did from Love was worthy, meaningful, organic, joyful and enriching for everybody. It’s a true success, no matter the scale.

How do you recognize when you do something from Love? Ask yourself some simple questions: if there’s no prize involved, no one there to watch, no final destination, no money, I would still do it?

For me, even the Ego is still in the zone trying to trick me, I know I can’t do anything coming from this motivation. It’s not the right way. I know that I will suffer, and I will bring suffering to others. And a lot of time, resources and energy that could bring something wonderful in this world will be wasted.

So, Love is the only answer I got so far in all my searches. I’m enthusiastic that for the first time of my life I have a chance to live an entire year like this. I don’t know how it would be like and I’m a little scared to let go of control entirely. But I’m sure it will be amazing for me and a lot of people around me.

Let the magic happen!

Love* – love for everyone, love for what you do, love for the flow of actions, love for the road instead of destination, love for…


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