Everything you need to know about CIRCLE.ONE

How it will be?

The ICO will start with private placements beginning in April, 2018. Private placements are negotiated directly with us and start at $100.000. If you are interested in placing an early investment, please, contact us at investors@circle.one. We offer substantial bonuses at this stage, so if this is for you, you might want to reach out to us. A maximum of 75.000.000 CLC will be placed here.

The public sale begins on a yet-to-be-released date in Q2/18. We will offer attractive bonuses for early participants.

Why do you need us?

•In Business and Finance sector, CIRCLE.ONE can be used to make smart and insightful business decisions.

•In Medicine, our marketplace can facilitate the research and create new treatment opportunities.

•In the Oil & Gas sector, companies can deploy predictive maintenance solutions for device fleets in remote installations.

•In Retail, CIRCLE.ONE can be used for campaign management and customer behavior analysis.

•In Manufacturing, CIRCLE.ONE can be used to allow optimal production while minimizing scrap and redundancies.

CLC token can be used as means of payment for every economic activity on CIRCLE.ONE. CLC token holders have the following advantages:

Use CIRCLE.ONE Token as a payment for data, analytics and insights-as-a-service

CLC token can be used as the means of payment for all paid data flows and services. Thus, the value of a CLC token is clearly connected with the network size and demand for reliable data, precise analytics and insight vendors.

Advertisement payments

Pay per click ads on the marketplace and search advertisement will allow vendors to promote their services and research. All advertisement will be payable in CLC. Regardless of the form in which this promotion will be carried out, the value of the token will also be tied to the size of the user network of the marketplace (the bigger the network, the more economic sense there is in the purchase of paid ads -> the greater the demand for the token becomes)

Service fee payments

Shop fees, tech fees (for example 4G data packages from partners organisations), preferential support or SLAs will be payable in CLC. These fees might dwarf in reference to the former two use types but add another dimension of functionality to the token.

Benefits of participate in CIRCLE.ONE ICO

CIRCLE.ONE will bring together scientists, researches, business intelligence and the insights to get you powerful visual data — all within one customizable platform.

With CIRCLE.ONE you get:

  • More accurate real-time data
  • Faster answers to your business questions
  • Deeper insights into customer behavior
  • Lower risks for your business
  • Bigger revenue

Why we are using blockchain?

CIRCLE.ONE relies on blockchain technology to:

1. Facilitate payments

2. Proof data

3. For automated fulfillment

4. As a system of record

5. Advertisement payments

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Stay tuned!

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