Meet our Board of Directors

Every great project has a big story behind it. Every story has a huge power. This power involves a team of strong and contributing professionals who came up with the idea of making the world of information different. As a result, our people are a primary reason for creating CIRCLE.ONE — a marketplace for big data, analytics and insights. Meet the people who are not afraid of bold ideas and are ready to implement them in life.

Walter Komarek

CEO & co-founder at CIRCLE.ONE

Walter Komarek is an example of a person who introduces new ideas, technology and products. He is what a successful innovator should be like. In 2015, he successfully launched the Forbesfone project. The main idea was to help people connect each other easily when traveling. Walter’s desire of getting information more accessible and open inspired him to make difference in blockchain — that’s how the idea of CIRCLE.ONE appeared. “We sincerely hope that our platform will prevent companies from making business mistakes that are usually caused by the lack of relevant data. Now is the time to fully understand the insights of your business and use all the advantages that Business Intelligence offers!” — says Walter.

Toby Gilbert

Co-founder at CIRCLE.ONE

Toby has more than a decade of experience in investing and founding partnering. He has worked with such organization as Monolith Risk Limited, that specialized in cyber security and offensive products. Now he is helping to craft a platform to achieve the greatest impact.

Raphael Spannochi


He has spent the bulk of his career developing enterprise software. During his professional career, Raphael had been working on the Bitcoin mining hardware product and as an experienced technical coach advised hydrominer and bitcoinClean.

Alex Shabratko


He knows the turf of business processes and leads them into action. As an expert with clear understanding of what to do to bring results, Alex is responsible for organization and operation of CIRCLE.ONE technology and business processes by their intersection.

Max Baburin


An experienced marketing professional, Max aims to make the most meaningful business impact possible. His previous background includes coordinating and optimizing ICO campaign in the best way with minimal risks in order to ensure efficiency and reliability of CIRCLE.ONE.

Data landscape is changing faster than ever. Our team is on this. So come on in CIRCLE.ONE to find out what solutions we can provide for reaching your goals. Our project is the best evidence of our professionalism, so do not hesitate and join us on:





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