Short Stories About Pugs And Their Friends

Gee Gee’s New Teeth

One day Gee Gee the Pug had an accident. The little boy next door, was throwing rocks in the yard and Gee Gee tried to catch one. The rock knocked all of her teeth out. So Gee Gee looked a little strange with no teeth. Her face looked very wrinkled.

A few weeks later, Gee Gee noticed that her owner had dentures (Fake teeth), Gee Gee wanted them badly. When her owner fell asleep, she crept into her room and took her dentures.

Gee Gee put the dentures in her own mouth, and they fit perfectly! So she started wearing the dentures when she went out. But they made Gee Gee look very odd. When she went out to the pet food store, people would look at her and say “Hi little Pug, why does your face look different than the other Pugs?”

Gee Gee would open her mouth wide to show her new teeth and bark very proudly. “Woof! Woof! “Oh My!” They would say. “YOU HAVE HUMAN TEETH!!!” Then Gee Gee would open her mouth proudly and say “Woof! Woof!”

One day the Owner of the pet food store came over to Gee Gee. “Hi Gee, you look different than the last time I saw you. Would you like a dog cookie?” And Gee Gee opened her mouth proudly and sad “Woof! Woof!”

For the first time since her accident Gee Gee was able to eat a whole dog cookie, because she had teeth. She crunched and crunched and crunched with her teeth, until the entire cookie was gone. Gee Gee was now a very happy Pug.

Then she remembered that she had to rush back home, so she could return her Owner’s teeth. Phew!

The End

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