The Kenyan plastic bag ban conversation keeps getting more aggressive and expressive. From the recently concluded election we had a picture of a person eating Githeri from a plastic bag doing rounds on social media. Most of the folks from enterprise voiced acceptance for the phenomena . From a need perspective, people in low income communities have fewer conditioned alternatives to getting groceries or carrying belongings around.

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informal food in Nairobi

Thomas Sowell, in Basic Economics dives into the efficiency of bringing down production costs as an integral part of creating wealth. He goes further to case Rockefeller and the oil business from extraction to filling stations. Well, it is a mind set that is largely subscribed to for good reasons. In a market economy you can only claim to be a market leader for so long. Competition with a more innovative way of producing the alternatives rises as a market leader if you slack. The role of the consumer is at play in situations such as these. …



Designing for the Future #CircularEconomy 🤣

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