V3: Refine, Advance, Refine

Jumping off the previous update, I ran my value prop test campaign for a few more days. The longer-term study revealed some interesting information about my value props. First, I learned that the vast majority of people (1303/1601) clicked through the ads that promised to enhance the social aspects of gaming. Seems like this value prop is a good way to attract mass appeal. The second thing I learned was that of the people who clicked through the ad promising efficient matchmaking service (193/1601), seven of them converted on the splash page. That’s a 3.63% conversion rate, with social conversions sitting at 1.07%. I’m inferring from this that the people who were motivated by my efficiency value prop are fewer in number, but more passionate about the issue. Interesting feedback to consider moving forwards.

This week, I decided to follow up with another ad campaign. I took the social-oriented ad, because it got me by far the most visitors, and I pointed it to a webpage that described three service experiences. I invited visitors to vote for their favorite and, if they feel so inclined, leave a message and provide an email. I created a mailing list from the addresses I collected last week, and sent them the new link. Half of them bounced, but nobody has unsubscribed yet.

Polling the next round of concept directions.

So far, I have a decent number of conversions. Unfortunately, I forgot something important— Make the radio buttons a required field. Several of my conversions are completely blank. Mental note added. Anyways, half of responders are in favor of concept C, with the other half evenly split between concept A and concept B. I will be keeping an eye out for more responses, but it seems that so far people are most interested in a service that can smooth out the pain points of organizing events. As one respondent noted, “The hardest thing to do is get started… afterwards, growing or staying connected will be easier.”

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