How the U.S. can protect its strategic interests in the Gulf-Qatar rift

Heracles and Iolaus fighting the Lernaean Hydra. (image Bibi Saint-Pol) Source : Wikipedia

« a collective effort is needed to fight a long-term struggle against Islamic extremism »

Indeed ! Who would disagree : cutting the heads of the Hydra is a necessity.

But we should ALSO try to understand why Hydras have been here in the first place.

Did they pop-up here or there according to the ‘’good will’’ of the Devil ? In this case, the power of prayer is our best weapon.

Or maybe the Hydras appear only with the ‘’right environment’’. In this hypothesis, we should also ask ourselves if our policies & actions are part of this ‘’favourable’’ environment.

Also, fighting the Hydras could be a moral front for other geostrategical less honourable objectives.

In this unlikely (?) hypothesis, to achieve the real geostrategical objectives would require (if necessary) to ensure that a ‘’right environment’’ is delivered for Hydras to pop-up.

“ winning the people is even more critical than defeating the terrorists”

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