In France, murder of a Jewish woman ignites debate over the word ‘terrorism’
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An Antisemitic Terrorist attack ?

In France, the Judicial Institution is rather independent. Judges are quite protected from interferences. Also, they can action institutional tools to investigate, etc…

Mediatic lynching/ acquitting is not welcome.

On the principle, in my view, it is anti-democratic for the media, or politicians, or religious groups, or lobbies, etc to try to « guide the arm of the Judges ». As Justice has the tools & freedom to do its job properly, we should let it do it without interfering. If someone is not happy with the decision, and has good reasons for that, there is the possibility to appeal, maybe Cassation as well. The possibility to appeal to the European Courts also is possible in some instances.

In this case, I feel that the « pressures » on Macron, coming from several horizons, led him to say something which is technically quite neutral, but which can be understood as a support to a specific pressure group. I dislike the method.

Here are my comments on your story, in two elements : The Historical Background, and The Facts on this Homicide.


Antisemitism has been a tragedy for centuries in Europe & Russia. Many Jews used to be discriminated against (at the very least) or even killed (including pogroms). Blaming & scapegoating the Jews for all the problems was very common. The antisemitism was mainly non-religious (I guess that a vast majority of europeans do not know much of Judaism in general, nor of the specificities of the many branches of Judaism). A very large fraction of Jews in Europe are not religious. Even atheists is not rare, but they feel being Jewish because of strong Cultural/ Family/Ethical/ Historical Values.

Then came the antisemitic genocide/ Shoah during WW2 : 6 millions Jews killed, of which over 3 millions Polish Jews.

During the last half century, the illegal & inhumaine (according to the U.N.) occupation (driven by successive Israeli governments) of Palestinian land (mainly inhabited by Muslims) outside of Israel, has been « tolerated » or « implicitly encouraged » by the West. This situation created much bitterness (also) among Muslims everywhere in the world. And particularly in France where the Muslim population is significant. By ignorance, often people consider that Israeli Government = Israel = Jews. Which is completely wrong, as we have here three different concepts. It should be noted that many Israeli Citizens (still a minority) are in favour of equal rights for Jews & non-Jews. Which is not the view of the Israeli Government, nor of the Israeli expansionist religious fringe.

The terrorism cannot be overcome without the peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians. It is from there that comes the poison. It is there that the extremism is capable of disrupting the spirit of a terrible number of people in the point to confuse the plea in favour of a Palestinian State with the destruction of Israel. “ (Tony Blair, British Prime Minister — 2003 — at the American Congress.)

At this point, I would like to clarify that people who resist (also with violence) occupation are called « resistants » (which the occupant will call « terrorists »). During WW2, the french too have experienced the meaning of the words. Instead, people (or nations) who spread violence elsewhere with the intention to contribute to a terror scheme IS a terrorist.

Today, in France, the vast majority of Muslims are « invisible », in that sense that it can be the lady in bikini on the beach, or the closely shaved gentleman next door ! But the idea that « the problems » come from the Muslim « Group » (or even sometimes from the Muslim Religion itself !) is regularly spread by General Public Media. Unintentionally, I suppose. We should know by experience that blaming & scapegoating a human group for all our problems is NOT a good idea.

Over a long period of time comes the real problem : french citizen with a mediterranean name (or with a swarthy complexion) are discriminated against (difficulty to find a job or a flat/ more frequent police identity check / …). Also these kind of population often find housing within ‘’dedicated areas’’ if I may say. Being discriminated against AND often living in the same area, makes it easier for them to feel that they are not welcome within their own country, and they may try to construct their identity around religion instead of nation. >>> which is a superb opportunity offered for religious extremists to exploit.

Within the different branches of Judaism, there is one (the Orthodox) who are supporting the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. The Orthodox Jews say that it is explicitly written in the Torah that the « promised land » can only be given by God. Therefore, they consider that the current situation is heretical in a faith perspective. Therefore, Orthodox Jews often are considered quite amicably by Muslims who support Palestinians.


The man in the street will be fed by the General Public Media, which will include/ exclude/ interpret internet available facts according to the message they like to spread. There are also the facts which are known by the Judge, but not publicly available.

According to some reports, the attack clearly was Terrorist AND Antisemitic.

Some other sources say that K. Traoré never had any previous kind of problem/ incident with any Jewish person. However, several drug trafficking offences were reported. He is believed to have smoked many joints in the afternoon and evening preceeding the murder. (the blood analysis will confirm, or not). He is not known for having any radicalisation, nor link with any radical movement.

It is reported that he rang at the door of a family friend of him, in the middle of the night. These friends live in the building adjacent to the building where he lived, but one floor above. Traoré is reported to have had an incoherent speech with his friends, while reciting suras from the Quran. All members of the family locked themselves in a room and called the police.

Traoré is reported to have then stepped over the balustrade, and arrived on the bancony of Mrs Halimi, a 65 old Hortodox Jewish lady. Her flat is one flat above Traoré’s flat. Traoré knew that she was Jew.

Traoré is reported to have hit Mrs Halimi with her telephone while screaming suras from the Quran. Then he hit her with his fists, always creaming Quran suras and insults. He then throw her out of the window.

During it all, the Police was on the other side of the flat door. But they did not kick down Mrs Halimi’s door, as they feared this was a terrorist attack. They called for reinforcements, and were waiting for them. They arrived after the murder.

Traoré had been sent directly to a psychiatric hospital. The report of the doctors are expecter within a few weeks from now.

Jean P. Ciron ( Aug. 2017)