Simply Complex: This World is It.
Odin Halvorson

Complex Social Systems

Yes, what you say sounds right. And it is right too.

In the years 1947 or 1948, in the US, there were two books which warned about the desastrous consequences of ‘’our’’ behaviour for the planet:

Fairfield OSBORN (Our Plundered Planet”

William VOGT (Roas to Survival)

That was 70 years ago ! What they said was crystal-clear. During decades, they have been criticized because of their simplistic approach. Their warnings have been brushed aside : Of course, within a few years, the progress in Sciences will bring the answers to all the identified problems, including the problems not known at the time. Instead, the progress in Sciences have been used to make bigger damages to the planet, at lower costs.

Our fellow citizens are not stupid. They understand perfectly what is being said. But, collectively, we are unable to stop the disaster. One approach is to deny the existence of the problem. Generally, people understand the problem, but put it aside, as, within their Social Group, they cannot do else.

That is why, I think the main problem lay within our minds. All cognitive acts also are complex. Many years ago, I read a book from Edgard Morin/ Nahoum about physical & psychical complexity. Predictability, as you say should not be expected.

Ho could we collectively get out of the burning box ?