The French election drama has implications far beyond Paris
Richie Koch

France« Putin is close to having stooges in control »

Maybe the tarnishing image of the USA helps Putin more than his own specifics.

« Macron’s party, En Marche! (On the Move!) has made calls to unite the country’s fractious left and right. »

Of course, he can unify very different views/people around facile slogans and ineffective statements. So far, it seems he has no political agenda.

Macron was a key element of the Hollande team. People say “if you liked Hollande, you will love Macron.

« it seems like the only thing Hollande did during his presidency that the French approved of was to have an affair. »

People disliked very much the way in which he repudiated his later « romance » (i.e.through press release). Doesn’t sound very chivalrous ! Hollande also proved to be an incompetent president.

Jean P. Ciron