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« geography and ethnicity is becoming less important to the globalizing world. »

That is NOT the Vision of the Western World : Geography & Ethnicity are considered key elements.

America’s key allies (Saudi arabia, Israel, etc) consider too that Ethnicity & Geography are essential.

« moving toward direct global democracy. »

We ought to reflect on the reasons why we consider « individual freedom » and « democracy » as essential principles. Our Principles & Laws derive from our Values . And our Values derive from our Beliefs. These Beliefs are mainly Judeo-Christian in the West. (which derive from individual free will). Also individual freedom is a key pillar of Liberal Economy.

Other Cultures do not have the same Beliefs. Therefore, their Values are different, and their Principles & Laws are different.

For example, many Native Cultures firmly reject majority decisions. They consider that it would be an unacceptable violence made to their equals who disagree with the majority. Therefore, they will discuss until a common approach is found.

There are also many Asian Cultures which consider that individuals have duties towards the community , before to consider any individual rights.

Therefore, IF a « Global Democracy » happened to become a common goal on earth, it is likely that the first step should be a multipolar world. Alternatively, this « Global Democracy » should be somehow « imposed » …which has been America’s constant preferred solution. Henry Kissinger (book about World Order) explained that America have always considered that it was their duty to bring Freedom to the whole world, even if the « benificiaries » did not ask for it.

« Global Government based on Transnational Law »…

Common LAWS would imply common VALUES with compatible BELIEFS…..

Jean P. Ciron