Why Israel Matters to America
Mike Huckabee

Iran’s would “wipe Israel off the map.”

Colin Powell leaked emails say “Anyway, Iranians can’t use one [a nuclear weapon] if they finally make one. The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands” (Ref. independent.co.uk sept. 2016)

Therefore, we KNOW that nobody will try (nor could) “wipe Israel off the map”. ISRAEL IS NOT IN DANGER.

Why are you spreading the victimization stories which are so often used by the Hasbara (הסברה), the official propaganda “system” of the Israeli Government ?

The whole content of your Article really is a load of crap informations (sorry for my french). You proudly state “I am not a Jew”. Thank Godness ! Most Jews are honest in that they check their sources first.