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“Let regulatory bodies tell you what you can read. What happened to the concept of being an adult and thinking for yourself?”

Regulatory bodies do not tell us what we can read. The rules should be that we can say what we like, but we should honestly tell about the nature of what we say : (1) is it hard facts thoroughly verified ? or (2) is it an opinion ? Or (3) is it fantasy ?

The General Public media often spread stories which are a mixture of some hard facts “sold” as (1), but which in fact are fragmentary, therefore = (2). And the conclusions generally include “implicit elements” of common beliefs, cultural dogms, etc >>> The whole being BS , but nice to swallow. And it helps us to “freely decide” what our “independent opinion” is.

Adult thinking for yourself ? Only the Gods think for themselves. We are different : we are “autonomous”, NOT “free” to think what we want. We explicit a thought which already is within our unconscious before to reach the brain areas which enable consciousness.

And this “unconscious me” does not pop-up out of nowhere. Is is made of neuronal connections which have been constructed during our individual journey. And this journey has its roots in our family, culture & traditions, etc. As well as sometimes rejection.

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