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Nuclear “proliferation threats” in the Middle East.

Yes, proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is a real problem.

Another major problem is that having nuclear warheads seems to be “OK” for some countries (Israel, SA) ans “NOT OK” for others “Iran, NK).

It is known that Israel already have several hundreds of Nuclear Warheads “all targeted on Teheran” (Colin Powell). Also, Netanyahu say that he wants to eliminate iranian “policies”, “behaviour” and “state”. Several of his minister threat to “nuke Iran”. But all that seems to be “OK”, fine, and “not threatening”.

For Saudi Arabia, Henry Kissinger indicate that it is likely that SA will buy nuclear warheads from some Muslim countries. And I cannot hear any significant protestations. Is seems to be OK as well.

Why is it that Iran is the only “Evil” ? (note : I do not support any extremist regime !)