Hi Jean, forgive my delayed response.
Will Staton

« people all around the world are still animists in a sense, but not in a large, organized manner. » ???

Really ??? I suggest to think twice…

What is Animism ? A belief by which every being/thing is inhabited/ governed by a spirit/soul.

What is a monotheim ? A belief by which there is a Creator God.

Are these two things mutually exclusive ? Of course not, as the monotheist believer have an independent/ autonomous free & eternal soul/ spirit.

Many Christians (at least all the Catholic branch) believe in Saints. There are hundreds of them. And many of them are believed to are good at getting some specific things happen. Therefore, they are being asked to intervene for the things where they are known to be able to intervent. Within many churches, we can also see number of commemorative plaques with thanks for successful intervention.