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It would appear that the REAL threat for a nuclear strike in the Middle East is coming from Israel, not Iran.

Former US President Jimmy Carter said the US should not attack Iran, even if Iran develops nuclear weapons. He added : “Israel has nuclear weapons on his own, what, 300 or more, nobody knows exactly how many” ( …) “And I know that every Iranian realizes that if they should try to use a nuclear weapon, Iran would be wiped off the face of the earth” (Ref. : israelhayom April 2014)

The leaked e-mails 2016 of Colin Powell confirm.

So, the rhetoric of iranian religious extremists only is a MENTAL threat. This rhetoric enables Israel to easily obtain annually several billions of dollars in military aid from the USA. In addition, the rhetoric enable Israel to physically increase their nuclear warheads stock & fire power. Soon Saudi Arabia will follow. We see that this iranian extremist religious rhetoric works against the long term interests of Iranian people.

For several years, voices in Israel are calling for a « preventive strike » on Iran.

In my view, the REAL Long Term PLAN, is to remove the possibility that any Middle East Muslim country will become a Regional leader. That is why the job of « Redrawing the Middle East » has been going on for many decades, always being proposed/ decided from outside the Middle East.

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