One World, One People: Ruminating on Wendell Berry
Odin Halvorson

The Common Goods

Common Goods must be inspired by a proper humanism: A well ordered humanism places the World before Life, and places the other living beings before our Self.

The human activities should work within the logics & laws of the “System”. That means that economics & other human activities should be acting as ‘’sub-systems’’ of the physico-chemical-living world. Instead, the human activities ignore the rules of the “System”. The result is that our Earth world is slowly destroyed by one of its sub-system.

This abnormal behaviour is due to some magical beliefs which have infected many of us. (belief that economic growth can be eternal within our finite world) (belief that the ecomonic system should work for the most part outside of moral principles) (belief that the other living beings & physical elements are ‘’resources’’ for humans to use) (belief that humans are of a different nature versus other animals) (belief that world population growth & improvement of standards of living for the greatest numbers are compatible) (etc etc)

Common Goods also are the Ecosystems, which human activities should not affect significantly.

Implementation of the proper concept of human goods would imply to change drastically our Beliefs/ Values/ Principle/ Way of Life. I guess that it will NOT happen before the “environment” will be such that humans will be physically forced to change, in order to survive.