Insights about Financial Crisis — Fractal Theory
Haohan Wang

“the reason and mysteries behind financial crisis” ?

I was surprised to listen to the economic experts to explain the reasons which led to the crisis. They did the same with the following crisis.

But none could clearly foresee & explain the reasons of the crisis to come.

I concluded that the economic tools they work with are probably not sophisticated enough. And most probably does not include enough of non-economical elements. That is why, for Economy as well as for other aspects of Nature or life or civilization, maybe a more complex approach could help.

There are several scientists looking at the different kinds of “complex systems”. The « Dynamics of Complex Systems » by Yaneer Bar-Yam is a study which has been suggested to me … and a citation puzzled me : « The basis of our discussion of human civilization as a complex system (…) was the disappearance of central control in social and economic systems. »

Unfortunately, I am unable to comprehend all the formulae (and often even the english itself…)

Maybe the “complex systems” studies could help you to move forward.