NATO: Time to Re-Examine an Alliance
International Policy Digest

The Russian Ally ?

The USA military forces hegemony on earth is a fact.

This US’s choice helped the US to ‘’promote’’ it’s values.

America likes to be the policeman of the world.

Europe inprudently moved under this ‘’umbrella’’.

They should have invested much more for their defence.

The US signature is honoured at US’s convenience.


On the long run, we should praise Russia to have freed Europe from the nazis. They worked heroically on the Eastern Front. Which enabled to launch an invasion in Normandy/ etc.

During WW2, Russia lost 11 million military people (half of the total deaths worldwide !). They also lost 15 million civilians (one third of the total deaths worldwide !).


The Russian people seem to me to be an excellent Ally for Europe.


Also, Russian long History & Culture is very much turned towards Europe. To me, Russia’s ‘’natural place’’ is in Europe !


We blame Russia for disregarding International Law.

But we are pleased for Israel to disregard these same Laws.

Also, ‘’we’’ actioned unilaterally ‘’our’’ Plans for Redrawing the Middle East.

Doing so, we disregarded the opinion or views of the local people/ countries.

Are we better than the ones we blame ?