Should We Punch Neo-Nazis?
Lauren Modery

Violent or Non-violent Protest ?

Different Cultures & circumstances means different approaches.

What worked here yesterday will not work there tomorrow.


In the US, a violent or peaceful protest will dignifies them.

It raises them at our level, somehow « between equals ».

It also give them more importance than they have.


The only thing to do is to activate the Laws in place.

And strengthen them if necessary.


Anyway, any form of action (through Protest or through Laws) is an action trying to deal with the effects of the causes.

We should try to understand which are the elements which are more likely, on the long run, to generate the kind of feelings/ideas/actions which we want to fight. They are not born as they became.


And that is a long term laborious issue.

Also, if we believe in « free will », it is a useless approach.

Therefore, we will concentrate on incantations, protests, etc..