France reborn?

When Citizens become fed-up with Politicians…

During the last government, the Politicians (& the mainstream Media) left the citizens believe that their situation will improve thanks to the « determination » of the government, which is always getting ready to « mobilize ». But which stayed still in terms of strong actions & results.

Many « French voters did not vote » : neither for Macron nor for Macron’s parliamentaries. They voted against Politicians which they consider useless, incompetent and/ or corrupt. Often, they did not vote at all.

Still, I am not sure that they will not resist the necessary changes.

Macron MUST succeed. Otherwise, we will for sure get the extremes (FN or FI) in power in 5 years time.

On the long run, Macron is going to contribute to move towards a stronger & more autonomous Europe. I understand that he will not recognize the Crimea fait accompli. I guess that he will demonstrate that he will demonstrate the same independence of mind for West Bank !