Iran, Qatar, Terrorism, and the Wars for the Future of Islam

Why focusing on the consequences of the causes ?

And not, also, directly on the causes ?


The Sunni-Shiite religious confrontation already is in itself a major long term problem for the region AND for the world.

We know that several major Sunni as well as Shiite nations somehow feed terrorism/ resistance.

Within a world where NO Nation is « clean », is it reasonable that powerful Western nations add to the confusion by demonizing one side while making alliances with the other side ? Is it not madness ?

Maybe not, if the real objective is not peace but “control” and “domination”.


The powerful nations should use their enormous power (economical, technical, diplomatic, etc etc etc) to HELP all parties involved to find themselves ways forward, instead of IMPOSING western views and plans for redrawing borders of other nations.