Entropy, Chaos, and Intelligence
Haohan Wang

« you don’t need a creator but perhaps a really clever ‘designer’ » … Or perhaps you don’t need either !

Indeed, if we beleive that « our universe appears to be finely tuned for the development of intelligence », the ‘designer’ assumption may be an option.

But, there is another option which is more « neutral », as it does not make the implicit assumption of an initial ‘designer’ :

We can consider that, as the way in which the only universe we know appears to be working allows intelligence to emerge, it is not surprising to find it.

By the way, many African Animist people believe that a Creator God/Goddess « set some initial condition and just let the whole things spontaneously happen », as He/She decided to then retire in some remote place (often a mountain).

In this case, we can say that this kind of non-interventionist God/Goddess is very similar to what would deliver the physico-chemical Laws of the Universe. In any case, the likelyhood of « freedom of soul » is maximized without interferences from the Gods/Goddesses…

Jean P. Ciron

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