I don’t find this responsive to my question.
John Griswold

You see,

IF you consider that Religion belongs to the “Supernatural World”, AND

IF you consider that Science belongs to the “Natural World”, THEN

There are two different worlds, and they never meet.

In fact, I believe that only the Natural World exists.

But most people on earth think differently.

Few decades ago, in the West, Scientists thought that spontaneous creation was a fact. And Pasteur proved that spontaneous creation of microbs was NOT a fact but a supernatural belief.

Today, people (also in the US) believe that there is a vital element (non material) which is transported by the blood. And that this vital element keeps us alive. It is a supernatural belief. But many people who (also ?) are scientists believe in it !

Also, many things which scientists consider ‘’obvious’’ only are hypothesis (like the spontaneous creation in old days).