Introducing: Citadel of the Machines

Citadel of the Machines is a play-to-earn online game that will define a new genre in NFT collectibles and blockchain gaming. Players will be challenged to solve physics-enabled puzzles within a fully immersive 3D environment, build their own maps with our Integrated Design Environment, and compete to build the best and most exciting puzzle maps.


Based in a sci-fi virtual world, players build their own maps in our physics sandbox and then publish them for anyone else to play. The most popular maps will appear on the leaderboard and the creators will be rewarded with NFTs and HERA (the platform’s native fungible token). This powerful in-game sandbox tool means the opportunities for creativity are endless.

The story

A spaceship has crashed on an alien world, with no survivors. Aeons pass, and a lightning strike causes the ship’s computer to awaken at last. The only functional mechanical device is a lonely service robot. The computer issues a command: go forth onto the planet and explore, to discover a power source that will allow the ship to return home.

Series 1 NFT drop

Before the release of the full game the team is dropping the first collection of 9,999 playable NFT characters in September 2021. Each unique character will feature a set of attributes that will directly influence the character’s performance within the game. The first 1,000 people to mint their characters will get early access passes to view a selection of maps from Citadel of the Machines before anyone else.


Although the full road map remains under wraps for now, the team have already said they plan to release more NFT collections after the launch of the game. They have also hinted that they will be working with a number of influencers in the build up to the launch, although no names have been confirmed yet.

First NFT drop is 11am EST 21st Sept. at
Make sure you don’t miss this golden opportunity to acquire a Series 1 NFT before they are gone!

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Roam and Earn in an #NFT Sandbox Adventure ~ Launch: 11am EST 21st Sept. #PlayToEarn