Tesloop Request for Feature 3 (Sound Tracks)

A good song can transport you to another world. An amazing DJ can create an atmosphere where you forget that you’re in a car for 150 minutes with 4 other strangers.

The routes between LA to San Diego, or LA to Palm Springs, or Palm Springs to Las Vegas are always the same. But the way you can put your own spin on them is to have an accompanying playlist which blends the parts that you’re driving through (the visual) with a great playlist (the auditory).

The Tesloop technology knows where each car is and therefore a DJ can create a playlist based on the atmosphere of the current drive. If you’re in that 405 traffic, a calming song can help a passanger forget that they are going at a snail’s pace. If you’re in an open road, going full speed, a song will be matched to feel the full force of the Model X’s 518 horsepower.

Themed Rides

This remote DJ session will be available via URL that a passanger can go on their mobile phone to listen. This ensures that the participation is via opt in only, and anyone in the Tesloop that doesn’t want to participate wouldn’t be disturbed.

Eventually you can start to have an 80s ride, where the playlist will be all 80s songs. EDM themed rides can get passangers pumped up for Coachella.

POI and History Rides

Just as we can use GPS locations to set the mood through music, we can use those coordinates to trigger micro stories about the towns that are being driven through. From stories of which tribes lived where to missionaries settling cities to industries which formed in each of these towns, these stories can transport the passanger to the past.

The stories can talk about the Russian sea otter trade routes to how different cities have natural resources rich in precious materials.

How would Citadines Group help Tesloop in creating Sound Tracks

Death Valley, CA

We would create an application that pulls in the real time location of the Tesloop, current speed, expected speed over the next interval, and if that qualifies for “in traffic” or normal speed. In addition, we would cross reference that with the intended route.

If this a DJ ride, the DJ would be able to get a 360 degree street view preview of what the upcoming segment looks and choose an upcoming song to match the mood.

If this is a POI/History ride, a clip is triggered to educate the passanger with a story of the town they are passing. The duration of the story will depend on the speed at which the car is going.