CitiOS IoT blockchain project — Revolutionizing urban development

CitiOS Official
Sep 10 · 2 min read

CitiOS could be one of the greatest IoT Blockchain projects that the world have seen to date. According to its implementation plan, the project will have a very tremendous impact on the lives of people.

By integrating blockchain technology into IoT systems, the project is set to be a great success following the success that both blockchain and IoT technology have had over the last few years. Again, urbanization is on a rise, which is an important booster for economies around the world, and it requires technologies like IoT and blockchain to tackle the challenges along the way.


CitiOS is geared towards changing the quality of life in both developed and developing countries by providing a conducive environment for the construction and maintenance of smart megacities in urban development.

Over the last few years, IoT has been the focal point when it comes to automation especially in urban development. However, it has been hit by quite a number of threatening challenges namely cyber-attacks, congestion and high cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure for the ever-growing IoT network. For the megacities and also the upcoming smart cities, this poses a great threat which would hamper their future developments.

For example, nowadays, streetlights in cities are too many to be manually operated. Also, it would require a huge amount of capital to invest in the infrastructure if everything was to solely depend on IoT. For instance, in countries like Kenya, the government has invested heavily on the power lines, sensors, and control units as it seeks to electrify the country and set up streetlights along its major highways and cities. By adopting the CitiOS model, which uses blockchain technology to interlink the various devices like streetlights and also control how they function using smart contracts, the cost could be greatly reduced.

By using blockchain technology, CitiOS reduces the cost of the required infrastructure. The only things that shall be required shall be the devices like streetlights and ultraviolet light sensors. No control units are required, the blockchain does the rest of the work.

CitOS will also go a great way in improving structural health monitoring in megacities. In megacities, a lot of coordination will be required to gather information on the upcoming infrastructure and also keep track of the old infrastructure to ensure that all safe to avoid dictators.

CitiOS Official

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