CitiOS’ Technology Provider joins forces with other big A.I. companies to form a world-class consortium

CitiOS Official

An A.I. company who is one of CitiOS’ main technology provider , is partnering with other world-class A.I companies namely Crossbar, Gyrfalcon, and Robosensing to form a world-class consortium called SCalable AI for Learning at the Edge (SCAiLE).

SCAiLE’s main objective is to develop and commercialize a state of the art artificial intelligence platform.

In addition to countries like Japan that have already started working with SCAiLE in reviewing available application opportunities, the CitiOS project will also be one of the beneficiaries of this partnership. Through the partnership, CitiOS will have a larger pool of technology innovations from the combined forces of the four A.I giants.

SCalable AI for Learning at the Edge (SCAiLE)

The consortium, SCAiLE, is poised to develop and commercialize one of the best artificial intelligence platforms. A platform that will bring together optimized neural networks (for creating convenient and power-efficient solutions), innovative acceleration hardware, event recognition aptitude and resistive memory (ReRAM).

The consortium will address the issue of dependability on the classification of data, which is one of the toughest challenges facing traditional artificial intelligence technologies. Following the rapid growth and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) systems, the traditional A.I cloud-based servers are becoming overwhelmed by the large amounts of the unstructured data coming in multiple forms from millions of remote edge devices like sensors and it is becoming increasingly hard for them to effectively handle the data through classification alone.

The SCAiLE platform will rely on Gyrfalcon’s new artificial accelerator architecture, Crossbar’s huge search across multi-modal datasets that are built on high bandwidth ReRAM memory Robosensing’s combination of neural network training and optimization and IoT device technology.

The consortium shall provide a platform that guarantees technical interoperability and speedy integration of progressive technologies from the SCAiLE members.

What SCAiLE means for CitiOS

By providing fast, scalable and power-saving accelerators by using optimized neural networks at the edge, artificial intelligence networks like in CitiOS Project will be able analyze and respond quickly to the variety of data that comes from the variety of remote edge devices. In simple terms, SCAiLE platform will allow distributed artificial intelligence rather than the traditional centralized artificial intelligence applications that heavily relied on a cloud-based system.

The CitiOS project is itself a technology marvel and combining it with such a great artificial intelligence network means only the sky can be its limit. The consortium actually comes right on time when it was most needed owing to the foreseeable future when the CitiOS network will be extremely large for the cloud-based artificial intelligence cloud-based system.

SCAiLE gives CitiOS the oomph to scale even greater heights. By combining artificial intelligence, IoT neural networks, and blockchain technologies, CitiOS stands out as one of the best and most promising blockchain projects that have been undertaken so far.

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