Major Luxury Car Dealership Chooses CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights to Curb Theft of Tires from Vehicles

CitiOS Official
Oct 10 · 3 min read

After a number of incidents involving the theft of vehicle tires, Yanase BMW has chosen to use CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights to address the problem. The smart streetlights are expected to go a long way in ensuring that the vehicles are secure from vandalism.

Trespassers have been finding their way into open space carparks under the cover of darkness, to remove vehicle tires for sale as second-hand tires. Such cases also kill the trust of customers since they will have questions like if the tire can be removed what else has been removed or switched out in the car?

Normally, it is hard for the security officers to see what is going on under the cover of darkness. And thieves know this very well and they take advantage of it. A thief will spot the dark corner of an open space carpark, sneak in, take his time unfastening the nuts of a tire and then roll it out of the fence through a loophole slowly without being noticed.

In many occasions, it is actually the person inspecting the vehicle or the attendant who notices that the tires are missing. The security persons do not notice such incidents unless the vehicle is parked at a very open place where it can be easily noticed after daybreak.

No More Free Tires for the Thieves

With the high cost of the luxurious BMW tires, vandalizers have opted for a cheap option of selling second-hand tires stolen from other vehicles. A typical run-flat tire of a BMW will go for around $160 to $500. The standard tires are also quite pricey with a tire going for about $100 — $200.

It is fair to presume that this is what has driven crooks into finding a cheap source of second-hand tires to sell to those who cannot afford the costly tires. But what is the cost of purchasing such a luxurious vehicle as a BMW and you cannot afford a tire?

However, their days have been numbered. With the CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights, they there will be no chance for the thieves to gain access into open space carparks without being noticed.

Why CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights are the best choice for Yanase BMW

Smart streetlights erected at strategic points along the fence of a BMW car dealership yard

To start with, CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights are controlled through a blockchain network. Therefore, the amount of infrastructure required to set up the entire network of lights within the yards is greatly reduced. At the same time the streetlights can be remotely controlled meaning there don’t have to be a human operator on the ground for to switch them on and off.

With open space carparks being well lit, it will be very hard for intruders to sneak in without being noticed by the security personnel. Actually, the security personnel will easily spot any intruder from afar even before they approach the yard.

As a matter of fact, thieves or ill-willed people also shy away from well-lit areas since they are sure all eyes shall be on them immediately they step into the vicinity.

Another added advantage of CitiOS’ Smart Streetlights is that they keep the vicinity well light allowing security cameras to capture and record everything that is happening in the compound.

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