What is CitiOS - A Simple Explanation

CitiOS Official
Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

CitiOS is a blockchain project that seeks to address most of the challenges facing society today. In a nutshell, the project integrates blockchain technology with Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to come up with a system that is capable of solving some of the most complicated challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

The project has positioned itself as the next model shift for modern smart cities. When fully adopted, people will be living in fully automated cities where IoT devices will be fully autonomous and able to fully respond to all the probable scenarios in real-time.

With the rate at which small towns are transforming to megacities, more will need to be done to ensure that the complexities of managing such large cities are addressed. The best way of dealing with these complexities and managing the resources in these megacities is by automation since it considerably brings down the cost. This is the reason CitiOS came up with a blockchain solution for smart cities.

To exemplary handle the challenges in the megacities through automation, the CitiOS project managers have banked on smart street lights, micropayments between machines and structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Through these, the services like data research, insurance, risk management especially by the government, industrial revolution and resource management within a city shall be digitized

CitiOS Smart Streetlights

This is a major technological lip. Traditionally, streetlights had to be manually interconnected to the grid and control rooms to ensure that they are properly operated. However, with CitiOS blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence integration, streetlight can now be remotely operated without the need for too much infrastructure.

The CitiOS smart streetlights have three main components. They have an AI CCTV that can comfortably identify multiple objects simultaneously, a solar panel that powers the streetlights (this means that the system is environmentally friendly and can be used even in very remote areas), and a LoRa Private Network to receive and transmit signals meaning that the lights can be remotely controlled.

The smart streetlights have been greatly embraced by both developed and developing countries. Countries like Kenya where the government is currently undertaking massive rural electrification and streetlight installations in most of its cities including its capital city Nairobi could be a great beneficially among other countries. Major manufacturing companies like BMW are also using the lights for their dealership yards.

As a result, the CitiOS Smart streetlights are Self-Powered, easily Installed (since there is no need to connect to electrical grid), inexpensive to install since there is no need for the costly power lines infrastructure, and it can be installed anywhere irrespective of whether there is a power grid connection in the locality or not.

Micropayments between machines

Since CitiOS is a blockchain project, it has a built-in crypto token labeled R2R that shall be used for point-to-point micropayments within the entire system. The payments shall be high speed and there are no transaction fees.

Investors can also purchase the R2R token through CitiOS IEO.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

In a megacity, monitoring the conditions of the various infrastructures requires a robust system that is able to keep up with the rate of newly constructed structures while also being able to cover the large geographical area within the shortest time possible. That is why CitiOS has heavily invested in an SHM system.

Through CitiOS Structural Health Monitoring, governments and regulatory authorities can be able to monitor the various structures within a city in a more cost-effective manner compared to the manual traditional process. In addition, the CitiOS Structural Health Monitoring is more robust and quick since it uses sensors and blockchain network to relay information. Therefore, information is quickly transmitted meaning disasters can be quickly averted.

By using CitiOS Structural Health Monitoring, governments will be able to effectively carry out data analytics, risk management, and device management.

CitiOS Official

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