App launch brings safety and security alerts to help keep Atlanta communities safe and offers added transparency to emergency services

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Citizen, the most trusted public safety app in the country, is now available in Atlanta, Georgia. Citizen is a free app that keeps you up to date with local safety information through 24/7, real-time notifications about nearby emergencies and ongoing incidents.

Citizen’s alerts are generated using publicly available emergency services data, and give users immediate, actionable insight into public safety in their communities, helping keep themselves and their families safe. …

№. 1 public safety app evolves with advanced technology to fight and contain pandemic. SafePass offers testing, contact tracing and symptom tracking all integrated in a single product.

As this pandemic lingers, there remains a burning need for tools and products that can turn the tide. While COVID-19 fatigue has set in, and helplessness seems to be the current playbook, Citizen is launching a system to contain this biological nightmare. Lockdowns have largely ended, cases continue to rise, and there remains an urgent need for tools and technologies to help people return to their lives and jobs, safely.

Today we are expanding Citizen to include the world’s most sophisticated social contact-tracing with integrated testing and symptom tracking. The key to containing this disease is a combination of identifying when and how it spreads. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a digital contact-tracing system that’s powered by integrated test results. When you opt in to the Citizen contact-tracing system, you will be notified if you come into contact with someone who later tests positive for COVID-19. If you receive a positive exposure notification, Citizen will provide you with a free at-home test. When someone takes an at-home test through Citizen and they test positive, that result is sent to the test taker and added to the contact tracer, so all the people that the test taker may have exposed over the previous 14 days get notified immediately, anonymously, and securely. …



Making your world a safer place.

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