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Nov 10, 2017 · 3 min read

City Makers will be at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona next week, offering our consultancy and tech development services for cities.

We are open to any request related to civic tech development and smart cities, but we are especially interested in developing one of the fields where we have more experience and that we enjoy the most: urban cycling management.

Urban cycling is more than a healthy activity. It is one of the most efficient transport methods, with a huge positive impact both on citizens and the city itself.

Cities tend to focus their efforts on cycling promotion in terms of physical infrastructure: bike lanes, parking facilities, etc. However, in a digital era, a digital approach is also required in order to succeed. Are you aware of the possibilities that technology brings to urban cycling?

Antitheft protection, bike rental, valuable data for planning and commercial purposes, co-design of new infrastructure… The opportunities are endless!

These are some of ‘Smart Cycling’ products and services that City Makers can offer to your city:

  • Digital strategy: It is the beginning of the way. Every project in this field must be coordinated and complemented by other actions.
  • Crowdsourced cycling management: Cyclists can help your city to find the most dangerous points in it, the infrastructure needed and other important insights. You only need to create the frame and they will work with you.
  • Cycling flows analytics: Analyzing the most common itineraries of bicycles can be a key support for designing the future planning and maintenance of your city.
  • Development of tailor-made ‘bike user’ apps: These can range from more simple apps designed to inform citizens about all the bike resources available in the city (parking facilities, stores, etc.), to more complex systems with geo-location, in which many additional services can be included (report of dangerous points, data analytics, etc.).
  • Registration system: A system for registering bikes provides more anti-theft security to bike users, but also makes its management easier for the police and other civil servants.
Smart Fiets services for the City of Amsterdam


City Makers is currently working with the city of Amsterdam on their parking strategy and implementing our bike management solution Smart Fiets.

This system will connect citizens’ bikes with the administration, so it can be reported when their bicycle has been stolen, while the city will be able to contact them in case the bike has been found or brought to the bike deposit.

Urban Cycling events

We also collaborate with the Dutch Cycling Embassy in the organization of events with some of the most prestigious professionals in this field.

In September 2016, we organized the event “Holland meets Madrid”, sponsored by the Embassy of The Netherlands in Spain as part of the activities of the Mobility Week. In this event, Stefan Bendiks (cycling infrastructure expert) and Janneke van Klei (cycling education manager at Fietsersbond), gave a talk about their experience and participated in a workshop about the future cycling itineraries in Madrid with professionals, civil servants and citizens of the Spanish capital.

City Makers

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Services and digital tools for smart cities. Our project Smart Fiets has been selected for Amsterdam's Startup In Residence.

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