Big Squeeze? WTF??

(What’s The Four-one-one, obviously)

Beginning at 9 p.m. on March 20, the Nevada Department of Transportation(NDOT) will reduce U.S. 95 between Rancho Drive and the Spaghetti Bowl interchange to two lanes in each direction.

The Big Squeeze will look like this.
But, will probably be more painful than watching this big squeeze.

Why is this happening?

Is probably what you will be shouting to yourself in the car when you’re stuck in traffic. This is all part of Project Neon’s plan to build a new HOV flyover lane between U.S. 95 and I-15. But, more importantly, probably part of the universe’s larger plan to teach you patience or the need for self-driving cars.

How long will this take?

It will not take a year, just a mere 300 days. 300 days that will feel like-

This is VEGAS!!!

What can you do?

  • Use alternate routes (NDOT suggests Valley View Boulevard, Decatur Boulevard, Rancho Drive, Las Vegas Boulevard and Eastern Avenue)
  • Use navigation apps like Waze to avoid high congestion areas
  • Use all open lanes
  • Take turns at the merge point when doing the zipper merge

Zipper Merge?

Not another Fifty Shades reference, a zipper merge is where alternating cars merge into the through-traffic lane. It’s safer and 40% more efficient than early merging.

It looks like this, but basically just means use all lanes and take turns.

For more information and updates, check the Project Neon website or follow @NDOTProjectNeon on social media. There is also a hotline available in both English and Spanish at: 702–293–6366.

And above all: