Learn how form-based code can benefit the Las Vegas Medical District and surrounding communities at a special meeting on Feb. 13

City of Las Vegas
Feb 7, 2018 · 2 min read
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On Tuesday, Feb. 13, the city of Las Vegas will host two public meetings to discuss new development plans for the area in and around the Las Vegas Medical District. The meetings will be at the Las Vegas Valley Water District Offices in the Mead room from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and 6 to 7:30 p.m.

The city is asking residents to provide feedback and ideas so that improvements and amenities can be made to the area while ensuring that future development is a good neighbor to our residential communities.

The future for medicine in our city is bright and the Medical District will transform the overall quality of life in our community, through key projects like the UNLV School of Medicine. How do we accomplish the goal of having an amazing medical district and wonderful neighborhoods in close proximity? Through a flexible development plan called form-based code. Form-based code simply means a system that makes it easier to create vibrant community spaces, while preserving and protecting neighborhoods. The code is a tool that we can use to plan for how these areas will interact. It allows flexibility so that we can ensure the reasons you moved into your neighborhood are protected, while at the same time bringing new development and amenities to the Medical District.

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Neighborhoods surrounding the medical district have beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods that are walkable and peaceful, and we want to bring those amenities to the medical district as well. Imagine walking north on Shadow Lane past Charleston and into the medical district. You are on a tree-lined street, with wide sidewalks and benches. There are low-rise office, and on street level, there are shops, cafes, perhaps a grocery store, a bookstore and a coffee shop, all within easy walking distance. As you move into the district farther, you may see a transition to more mid-rise projects with residential components.

Please join us at one of the meetings on Feb. 13 to learn more about how form-based code can benefit the Las Vegas Medical District and surrounding communities.

Watch this video for more: https://lumen5.com/v/6ocx/.

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