Luck be a Lady Justice

Downtown Las Vegas gets a stately Nevada Supreme Court building

That golden lady may be blind, but she’s watching you.

Out of the glass and neon structures of downtown rises an imposing structure of white marble, granite and limestone. The new 26,100 square-foot structure, located at the corner of Clark Avenue and South Fourth Street, contains stone from around the world, stained glass, custom chandeliers and intricate woodwork. It will serve as offices, chambers and courtroom for the Supreme Court of Nevada and Nevada Court of Appeals.

But it looks old!

The neoclassical architecture combines elements of the U.S. Capitol, the current U.S. Supreme Court building and the original U.S. Supreme Court inside the Library of Congress. Those neoclassical structures reference the dawn of modern law and democracy in ancient Greece and Rome. It’s vintage, baby.

High fashion for less

It looks so money.

Moving out of the Clark County Regional Justice Center and into this building, the high court will save around $500,000 in rent over the next 10 years. Justices and staff estimate they will gain 40 minutes in productivity by having an adjacent parking lot and not having to travel to the 17th floor anymore. The new building has even submitted for LEED Gold certification. It would be the only LEED Gold State Supreme Courthouse in the country.

That LEED Gold got us like

What happens here stays here?

On April 3, the first arguments will be heard in the new 72 seat grand courtroom. The cases brought here will be the last resort for the Nevada court system. Additionally, Nevada Supreme Court appellate cases will be handled here by the three-judge Court of Appeals established Nov. 4, 2014. Before that, the Supreme Court heard all appeals, including everything from murder convictions to appeals of driver’s license revocations.

If you’re staring at this then your lawyer better be paying better attention than you are.

How does it compare to Carson City’s Supreme Court building?

We’ll let you be the JUDGE.

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Have at them. Or, just read up on the Supreme Court of Nevada.

This was a real missed gargoyle opportunity.
You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!
Breathe it in. This is probably as close as you’ll ever get.
This court has big balls. Concrete balls that protect it from vehicle collisions.
Too bad she’s missing out on all this beauty.

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