New Mural at The West Las Vegas Arts Center

The piece stretches out to tell a story of love, compassion and harmony amongst others in order to create change.

The West Las Vegas Arts Center mural project stemmed from a conversation between the Office of Cultural Affairs administration, staff at the West Las Vegas Arts Center and local police in regards to ways to minimize negative activity around the center.

The goal of the project was to create a piece that promote community engagement, beautify the surrounding environment and detract from negative activity. The mural is a continuation of a current piece located at the center and follows the theme of building relationship in the village.

Those who are familiar with the fusion of Cubism and street art in Las Vegas and San Francisco know the artist behind the mural - Dray.

Dray, who served on the First Friday Advisory Committee and is a gallery owner in the Arts District, was selected from a group of artists that applied for the mural program in September 2017. He was awarded a commission and began painting in March 2018. His completed artwork was unveiled on May 11 at the West Las Vegas Arts Center.

“I wanted to express the idea of how working together is what helps people grow into a prosperous and promising community, village, nation and world,” said Dray. “The puzzle blocks represent the ideas that it isn’t that difficult of a puzzle to figure out how to build a relationship. Working together is good start. It opens the door to communication and a healthy relationship cannot sustain without communication.”

“The right side of the rendering where the blocks have the letters that spell love on them express that ultimately that is what it is all about in the end, love. The women on the left side of the rendering are offering love and support. This illustrates again the idea that love is key. If it starts with love, it should end with love.”

Check out the mural at the West Las Vegas Arts Center, 947 W. Lake Mead Blvd.