Project Enchilada Set To Redevelop And Enhance Fremont East Area

A new project called Project Enchilada aims to bring more energy, redevelopment and new commerce to the Fremont East area from Las Vegas Boulevard down to 14th Street. While very early in the process, the project aims to bring more open space and stabilization to the area; many of the recommendations set forth in the Downtown Master Plan are being included in this new plan.

The project aims to restore rundown properties to their former beauty. The top row shows the current state of some of the hotels and the bottom row shows what the same properties looked like decades ago before becoming rundown.
Many of the historical hotel signs will be refurbished; funding is being considered by the Las Vegas Centennial Commission. The photo above shows the proposed plan for one of the signs.
Pedestrian improvements can be seen in this proposed rendering along Fremont East near Las Vegas Boulevard including new trees that would offer more shade.