The 5 BEST Doughnuts in Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas
Nov 8, 2018 · 4 min read

Whatever happens between you and these doughnuts in Vegas stays in Vegas.

No bronies were harmed in the making of this video. Not physically anyway.

Vegas is quickly and quietly becoming one of the great food cities in the U.S. You never know what you’re going to get when waking up in Vegas, but it should probably be a doughnut. We asked the top Yelp-reviewed doughnut shops in the city to show us their best, and then we ate them. We did that for you. It had nothing at all to do with our sugar addiction. You’re welcome. Here are the results of all our glaze, sweat and tears.

Donut Bar

I love it when you call me Big Poppa Tart

Donut Bar, located at 124 S. 6th St., has a large selection. Literally. Their Big Poppa Tart is over a pound, and the center is an entire blueberry ‎Pop-Tart®. They added blueberry jelly and crumbled more Pop-Tart® on top. There’s nothing subtle about Las Vegas, and Donut Bar wanted to make sure the same was true of the Big Poppa Tart. This is the doughnut that put them on the map and is probably big enough to be seen in Google’s satellite view. If you need a challenge, love ‎Pop-Tarts® or believe everything is bigger in Texas, check out the Big Poppa Tart. If excess is not your thing, they also have a very popular Crème brûlée doughnut and even vegan options. You can finally commit to being a vegan Las Vegan.

Pinkbox Doughnuts

The fun has been doubled!

What goes better with pink than magical unicorns, rainbow frosting and poop? Wait, what??? Pinkbox has three locations, though only the 7531 W. Lake Mead Blvd. shop is technically in city limits. Chef Amanda, working out of the Henderson location, dreamed up a unicorn poomoji doughnut dubbed the “My Little Doughny”. A vanilla cake doughnut piled high with rainbow buttercream frosting, white icing and edible glitter that will make the six year-old girl inside you squee with delight (then talk too much and run in circles until she passes out). If it’s too early in the morning for four inches of frosting (as if), Pinkbox has many other unique and tasty creations. The blueberry cake doughnut gets rave reviews.

Coco Donuts

A ritzy dough’sant doing a hard lean away from a lowly blueberry doughnut

Coco Donuts at 10040 W. Cheyenne Ave. has an impressive variety of Dough’sants (also known as cronuts, also known as hipster baklava because we just made that up). You may have tried a standard-issue dough’sant, but Coco offers flakey layers of crunchy and sweet paired with glaze, powdered sugar, icings or coconut. If you’re a croissant connoisseur or maybe glazed dough is just not bougie enough for you, Coco might be the place for you.

Dee’s Donuts

A chocolate-covered, strawberry doughnut screaming

If you’re way out in the northwest visiting a hidden gem of a park like Floyd Lamb, you may think you’ve left civilization. There couldn’t possibly be doughnuts anywhere in the area. You’d be wrong. Not about Floyd Lamb at Tule Springs, obviously. At 6401 N. Durango Drive tucked away in a shopping center, Dee’s Donuts has a great, inexpensive selection and friendly staff. They have everything from apple fritters to buttermilk bars to cinnamon rolls, but we settled on the chocolate covered strawberry doughnut. We all agreed it was PHAT (pretty, hot and tasty).

We had all just finished watching Clueless, but that’s getting off topic. However, with over 160 five-star reviews on Yelp, Dee’s must being doing a lot right.

Real Donuts

If you’re in the famed Las Vegas Medical District (and hopefully not for any sugar-related ailments), there’s a hole-in-the-wall (or doughnut-hole-in-the-wall, if you will) at 1811 W. Charleston Blvd. called Real Donuts. While they may lack the glitz and glamour of a Pinkbox or Donut Bar, they have great reviews online for their simple, fresh and inexpensive selection. We have brought a smile to many a coworker’s face with some Real Donuts assorted doughnut holes.

No matter what you are in the mood for, these five doughnut shops in the city of Las Vegas are the best of the best as decided by you- the eating public. There are fancy doughnuts. There are bold and expressive doughnuts. Sometimes you don’t need a doughnut to pretend to be anything more than it is- a fried piece of dough that will exist for about 10 seconds after you decide to devour it. Whatever your doughnut preference, Vegas is where it’s at.

Shane Savanapridi is a Digital Media Specialist for the city of Las Vegas. Some people might call him a professional doughnut eater, but that would way understate the case. Follow his adventures — @savanapridi

City of Las Vegas

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Official updates from City Hall in downtown Las Vegas.

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