Mr Louis Juste

Honorary Graduate Monday 17th July 2017

Louis Juste — Director and Commercial Director of Santander Universities

President,Vice-President, students, ladies and gentleman.

Allow me to be brief and focus on 5 messages that I would like to share with you, graduates of City, University of London.

1.-I start with a thanks you. Thanks to the University — especially for being the first University in the UK to believe in us back in 2007. Cass Business School inspired us to invest in the UK Education System and thanks to them, today we have partnerships with more than 80 universities in the UK, supporting more than thirteen thousand (13.000) students and researchers over 10 years.

My Message: As you move forward with your career, remember to thank those who have helped you along the way

2.-As a member of a great company: Thanks to the bank, especially to Emilio Botin (I am sure he is Proud from heaven of us and what has been achieved). For he was the father of the idea of Santander Universities, believing that as bankers the best investment we could ever make was to invest in education, invest in the future, invest in you graduates. Today we have linked to more than one thousand two hundred (1.200) Universities worldwide, and are supporting thousands of Students and researchers, with a focus on international mobility, entrepreneurship and new technologies. Special thanks to my team (Simon and Matt) without them, and the rest of the team, I would not be here today.

My message: Always believe in the power of teamwork; together we can achieve great things

3.-As a son: Thanks to my parents. First, my father who inspired me and supports me every day, from up there. He knew how important globalisation was and gave me the best gift: international education. I know many of you have travelled from all over the world for the benefits of an international education here in London at this great institution.

And my mother, 85 years and here today, always by my side; with her silence, smile, wisdom, advice and support. I hope that your friends and family are here today as you have taken this journey together, with mutual love and support.

Your parents and supporters have tried to set you an example. And that is why, in you and for you we will persist. If you give up in your fight, we will also have failed in a way.

My message: Be always grateful to your supporters and take care of them how they took care of you. Let them be part of this exciting journey you are embarking upon.

4.-As a father: those are the words I would like to tell my children. Family is the most important thing that gives sense to everything. I have here my sons, daughter and potential sons and daughter in law. They always support me and make me very proud. Once I was the teacher, but as years have gone by they now teach me: Maria to be a hard worker, Santiago to be organised and consistent, Miguel to use my intelligence in a smart way, Alfonso to remember we live in a community and we depend on each other and Javier to be creative, imaginative and sure of myself. Family also can be chosen and you have now brothers and sisters you met at City, University of London and they will always be with you. Do not let this friendship disappear-

My message: Keep in touch with the friends you have made here and with the university — They are all you r family. Learn and grow together.

5.-As a husband: I have been blessed by finding my wife, when I was studying at university. Since then and after 28 years, we have never been apart. She is the most important person in my life, always by my side, supporting me in all that I do. Always giving me good advice, even when I did not want to hear the truth. Trust, respect and honesty have been the key pillars of our relationship, our partnership. As I heard once, I wish I had one thousand lives to marry you one thousand times.

Message: Find the right partner in your personal and professional life. This will ensure success.

Thank you again. I do hope the best to all of you, because as graduates of City, University of London you all are winners, champions, heroes.

Thank you

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