J.Springs by Seiko Automatic 21- Jewels Japan-made BEB517 Men’s Watch : Elegance in A Hard Shell

There are many who fancy Japanese watches and the J.Springs by Seiko Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made BEB517 Men’s Watch is definitely one among the most important reasons. Well-designed, robust and of a high-quality build, it offers an unbeatable value!

‘J. Springs’ is a brand that was founded only a decade and a half back, in 2001. Seiko Instruments, Inc. had some fresh, distinctly Japanese offerings in designs to offer that seemingly target the younger demographics. It’s the first time any serious brand focused fully on young-adult (18–24) wear with their entire manufacturing technology and industry workmanship. But the surprise is — the J.Springs by Seiko Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made BEB517 Men’s Watch is as much for the peppy mid-age guy as it is for the young!

The J.Springs by Seiko Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made BEB517 Men’s Watch is a piece built with an equal level of workmanship as the Seiko 5. Now, Seiko has two entry-level lines of automatics. Or, take it as the Seiko 5 of the new generation!

The J.Springs Classic Japan Made BEB517 Men’s Watch is worth every penny. Its automatic movement is entirely built in Japan and the gold-finished case withholds 10ATM of water pressure. It makes you feel confident as you swim around in the pool, or while you take a quick shower on a hot day. The see-through case back with a mineral window is a clean view of the clear insides. It appears larger due to the shining stainless steel border. It all comes with a price tag that leaves no room for complains.

The BEB517 gives an impression of a crafted piece rather than manufactured. It’s assembled in a manufacturing facility with quality tooling, bringing the watch an overall distinct design. It carries no trace of Swiss but anime mecha-robot inspirations are aplenty.

The case, for example. It’s highly angular and really refreshing, reflecting more light any way you keep it. A good mix of polished and brushed portions with a centre-lug integrated to the case.

The fixed bezel gives the J.Springs Chronograph Automatic 21 Jewels Japan Made BEB517 Men’s Watch watch its somewhat stern look and gives an illusion of the watch being bigger than its actual size. This is why it won’t look overwhelming even on smallish wrists. The dial, painted blue, is pure decoration that boosts the watch’s perceived quality. It’s an elegantly simple, dignified and sombre appearance that measures form and function with equal importance. It can easily withstand even the daily grind on your desk and uncounted jolts of coffee, beer and trips to the shower or pool and makes for a weekend wear that’s both a reliable and good looking. Moreover, it’s JDM!