Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Tachymeter 200M 98B213 Men’s Watch : Tough Luxury Starts Here

It’s like Captain America wearing royal robes! The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Tachymeter 200M 98B213 Men’s Watch pulls in everything to put other pro-grade, analog sports watches to shame and give king-size semi-dress watches a run for their money. It’s the one that will always get started a conversation and chances are, any levelheaded man will welcome it.

Bulova, as a brand, needs an introduction as much as Einstein on his mathematical skills. This original American watchmaker has quite a bit significant history to backup the creation of this super fine, time-splitting (and time telling) instrument, but that won’t help you much if you are here to find out about whether the Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Tachymeter 200M 98B213 Men’s Watch will be an intelligent buy.

To ascertain, let us let you know first that Citizen currently owns Bulova — the whole of it! When things get under Citizen’s supervision, things can’t just turn bad unless you run exceptionally low on luck. That again, is a very rare phenomenon and at least here, you are not a rarity. We know that.

The Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Tachymeter 200M 98B213 Mens Watch is run by the Citizen technology. The technicality it follows is also equally interesting; together, they create something very unique that you can’t go wrong about. Only that its brutal, aggressive, masculine and large dimensions doesn’t make it fit right either the weak of heart and/or wrist. They won’t appreciate its racing aesthetics much; neither shall they need the curved mineral glass underneath. The distorted view of the dial through the glass at oblique angles is, however; enjoyable to all.

The Precisionist, no doubt, is incredibly accurate — it’s unique in that aspect as well — but don’t compare it those calibrating to radio signals. Put it back into its class and you’ll find its movement unlike any other in other quartz watches. The Bulova Marine Star Automatic Tachymeter 200M 98B213 Mens Watch exhibits mesmerizing actions! The sweeping seconds-hand in chronograph mode is — by Jove — is smoother than that of a mechanical’s! The 3-pronged crystal makes it possible; usual 2-pronged ones oscillate 80% less and make the staggers visible. This smoothness and the ‘1/1000th of a second’ measurement capabilities easily puts it into the class of hyper analogue chronographs. From the design aspect, too! 47mm (d) and 17mm (h) is nowhere near to subtlety; it is BIG and might be the dream-size most aggressive big-size wearers have always been searching for. The geometrical shape adds to its sheer massiveness while the textures and finishes — crests, troughs, screws and rivets/facets included — adorn well the veritable fortress on your wrist. And everything is rounded-up neatly by the tall, fixed bezel; whose turret emulates the ‘lucky to die for’ luxury-sport feel!

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