If you have access to the Internet and want to generate additional income from home, you will like this article. The current economic situation is difficult for many individuals and families. They are struggling to make ends meet, often due to the crisis that has left them unemployed, or because they are still paying off their student loans. However, you have to know that making money by doing simple online tasks is now possible due to the increase of people seeking assistance through the internet. The tasks that need to be completed vary and include jobs like: testing websites, data entry work and creating content. Here are 5 jobs that you can easily do from behind your computer and that will make your financial headaches disappear.

1. Virtual Assistant

Someone who juggles her family calendar without breaking a sweat might have what it takes to become a virtual assistant. While working as a virtual assistant, you may perform duties such as setting appointments, making clients calls, entering data, maintaining website information, bookkeeping and some other simple tasks.

What do you need? Excellent organizational skills and administrative and time-management experience.

2. Product Tester

Did you know that you can make money by testing out different products? If you don’t, now you do! A lot of companies rely on product testers to give them an opinion on their newly developed online products before releasing them into the market. Since they are ready to pay for these opinions, this job can become very rewarding, as well as a fun way to make extra money from home.

What do you need? All you need is a computer and a smartphone, together with an interest in new products and an open mind!

3. Photographer

Have you ever been told you have a talent in photography by your mom? Well then now is the time to prove it. iStock Photo and SmugMug are excellent examples of websites that will turn your creations into cash!

What do you need? Of course you need a camera. The better quality camera you have, the better pictures you will take, and the more cash you will make.

4. Data Entry-worker

Companies are always looking for people to help them “go digital” by typing paper documents into a computer. Many outsource the task of inputting data to update their records on a regular basis.

How can you start working as an entry-worker? For this type of job, you will find many scams, but the demand is high. The Work at Home Jobs page lists companies that hire regularly. Also search Craigslist and Google (type in “online data input jobs”), and cold-call companies’ human resources departments to apply.

What do you need? A laptop and speedy typing proficiency.

5. Content Creator

Are you experienced at writing, making videos or have any skills related to graphic design? Working from home as a content creator is a great way to make additional income. Many businesses are ready to pay you a generous sum of money to create their videos and other graphic design content or write their blog posts.

So, as you can see… Such opportunities are more common than you think! While some online job prospects are scams, there are legitimate, well-paid opportunities available. Do you know any other type of well-paid online jobs? Share it!

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