Why Cityholic?

Earn extra income, find exciting projects and talented personnel, and start doing business globally by creating a virtual company

As the world becomes more interconnected due to the internet, business networking relies on mobiles and the virtual world for international business cooperation. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and talented people can gather, connect, and complete proposals and work orders.

1- How Virtual Companies Work

Start by creating a profile page for yourself and your future company.

A) Register yourself

Write a clear and well-written formal profile describing your educational background, work accomplishments, and professional skills.

B) Who is eligible

Any individual or company, can found a virtual company with or without a business registration certificate.

C) Launch your virtual company

Tell prospective business partners and collaborators about the type of business you want to create, your company name and vision for your company.

2- Find and Work with Prospective Business Partners or Employees

You’ll receive an in-app notification or message from your new co-worker.

A) Personnel search

Look for people based on listed skills, name, affiliated companies, wall posts, job descriptions, and recruiting descriptions

B) Posting new positions

Upload a post that includes job details and required skills on the recruitment board.

C) Create Work Orders

Easily register and submit detailed work orders with budgeting and timeline details.

3) Need Some Help?

We’ve got you covered with 6 different business support services.

A) Here to Help

Cityholic knows it’s difficult to create a business, so we’re here to assist with global sourcing, global promotions, multi-lingual support, sales network expansion, contracts & payments, and business document support services.

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