Ending Ride to focus on Pass

3 min readJun 12, 2019

We’re shutting down Citymapper Ride (previously known as Smartride (previously known as Smartbus (previously known as ‘dude, we should run a bus. totally’))). The last day of operations will be July 14th.

  • We will make it up to our Ride users by integrating more cab players into our app, with improved user experiences, better coverage and operating hours.
  • Super Duper Pass users will get access to both a black cab and a minicab service, as part of their existing package. We will share details soon.
  • We will ensure drivers find good places to work, which should be easy, since they are the best in the city.

Our focus will continue to be on the app and on Citymapper Pass, our subscription to all mobility.

Why we’re doing this

Lots of reasons:

  • Mission. We originally wanted to reinvent the bus but due to regulatory constraints ended up running shared cabs, which makes less sense for us.
  • Focus. We like Pass. It’s a better product and mission fit for us, where we can innovate and add value to cities.
  • Partners. We can now direct our attention and resources towards helping our partners grow.
  • Economics. Shared ridesharing has great potential and is good for the city, but it requires complete dedication. We leave it to those that can apply themselves to it.
  • Regulations are challenging, unclear and getting harder.

Lessons from running responsive buses and shared cabs

We have learned a lot from all of our efforts here, and have so much to say that we think it’s best we leave this to a dedicated future post.

We’re sad and sorry that we have not been able to do more but are glad to help and advise others.

Citymapper Pass is the future

We’re really excited about Pass, our subscription to all mobility, integrated with our everyday app, and believe this is the beginning of an era.

We’ve had a great launch with thousands of initial subscribers making this one of the largest private subscriptions to mobility (public transport, cycles and cabs) globally, and we’re just getting started.

Pass is on mission for us: supporting public transport. Public transport is essential if we wish to solve congestion, improve the environment and keep mobility affordable. Other modes cannot compete on the levels of utilisation required in dense cities. We believe it’s important that startups push for innovation in the space.

Pass helps our private transport partners complement public transport in multimodal cities.

With Pass, we can reinvent ticketing. Public transport is hard to figure out, understand, and access. Ticketing has never been integrated well with a mobile experience. This is fun for us, and we will make it fun for you.

The Citymapper team continues to develop a great app with great features, data and routing. Now with payments and ticketing, we have the final piece to make the ultimate transport app truly ultimate!

Londoners who want to be part of the future should sign up within our mobile app or through Citymapper.com/pass. Other cities, your time will come!