Do what you love.

“It can be frightening to do what you care about because it matters so much to you. So you have to trick yourself into starting…. When doing something that seems risky, I find it helpful to remember that not doing it will be worse. You’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had tried. It will haunt you. So even though you are afraid, it is better to proceed and fail than to not try at all…. In the end, success in life is contributing through your individual work to something that really matters to you and other people.” — Gloria Steinem

A short while ago, the idea for City to Table became too invasive to be put off anymore. So, I have to share the basic premise with you all:

As more people begin to produce their own food and to be mindful of the quality of the food they’re producing and eating, there needs to be a place for people to post their excess and for people to gain access to it. City to Table will be that place.

I’m on Nextdoor and I see people occasionally post looking for things like “fresh figs” which grow almost as if they’re native to Texas, and I see people post that they have a surplus of eggs from their backyard chickens, or their grapefruit tree has a lovely crop. I see posts like that go by on Facebook, too, but they don’t always get a lot of attention.

I personally have had the problem where while on a drive through my neighborhood I see fruit and nuts littering the ground without any way to really ask permission to help clean it up. I’ve also had the problem where I was on a real baking tear and I baked way more of something than my family or I could eat while it was fresh, and I didn’t know what to really do with it.

What if there were a dedicated place for food related exchanges to occur? A place where it’s easy to get to know your neighbors in terms of the kinds of food they have and want and to help make sure that that food doesn’t go to waste?

Would you use a site or service like that?

Are you interested in helping us figure out how to help you? If so, please take our survey, it’ll only take about 5–10 minutes. ❤!