• Jenny Stapleton

    Jenny Stapleton

  • Abraham Polishchuk

    Abraham Polishchuk

    Tech Lead at Flock. Focused on robust software wrapped in beautiful user experience. Firm believer that Software Engineering is a science not an art.

  • Arko


    Founder and CTO of @PromptGov, On a mission to make the world a better place through artificial intelligence

  • UnLondon


    Helping #ldnont use technology and collaboration to hack different projects in an UNconventional manner. Gather. Create. Improve

  • Titus Ferguson

    Titus Ferguson

    Creating a more open and creative community through Springboard , Civic Tech London, Form & Foundry and Community Partnerships.

  • Heenal Rajani

    Heenal Rajani

  • PromptGov


    Startup that helps citizens and governments improve public safety & civic infrastructure through artificial intelligence, smart sensors & crowdsourced reporting

  • Dadi Foundation

    Dadi Foundation

    We believe that technology can & should act as a catalyst for democracy & human rights, tackling inequality and injustice for all across the globe. #Tech4Good

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