London’s Smart City Challenge

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In 2017 Infrastructure Canada’s announced the Smart City Challenge. London is eligible for up to $50M in prize money to implement solutions to some of the most pressing issues our community faces.

The elements of a Smart City include: Openness, Integration, Transferability and Collaboration. Our community includes many people and organization who actively support service delivery built on these principles.

The London Plan was drafted as the City of London’s future playbook for city-building over the next 20 years. The plan was developed after an extensive two year conversation with Londoners about their hopes and aspirations for London’s future to the year 2035.

The engagement program to create the plan, called ReThink London, involved thousands of Londoners and over 100 different meetings and open houses in our community.

As part of the London Plan, Londoners determined the need to develop a Smart City strategy. Over 2017 there have been many conversations with local tech companies, students and subject experts.

This consultation will create our community-driven Smart City Challenge submission

We have a lot of work ahead of us to draft the proposal and so we can’t do it without the broader community’s help and support.

There are several ways to participate:

  1. Review the work-to-date and share your ideas online on Get Involved
  2. Join us at an Open House event: March 29th or April 4th (RSVP)
  3. Help us craft a challenge statement and define the outcomes at our working session on April 7th

We are committed to working on this project in the open and will be sharing progress and asking for feedback online under the hashtag #SmartCityLDN

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A diverse community of Londoners interested in better understanding and finding solutions to civic challenges through technology, design and other means

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