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The original Brigade meeting at Code for America’s 9th street basement — October 2012

My first full-time job out of high school was as a US Army infantryman. Like a lot of kids from small towns unable to pay for college, I had already been looking at military service as a ticket out of town. When September 11th happened, it cemented that path for me and I found myself on a plane for Fort Benning shortly after that. Fort Benning is where I first met America — the military is one of those organizations that is made up of the whole fabric of this country.

I’ve always been proud of my military service, but one of the things that has stuck with me years later is how much of a privilege it was to be part of an organization that’s made up of so many different people from all over the country. …


Christopher Whitaker

Civic Technologist - @CodeforAmerica Brigade Program Manager - #chihacknight co-host — @USArmy 11B - MPA - Author of The @CivicWhitaker Anthology — Chicagoland

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