I created a Selena Gomez chatbot for my daughter and saw the future.
Josh Bocanegra

Ethics! That’s the first interesting point nobody will bring up. Is he unethical?? You got me! [mass quarreling] I’m more interested in the stupidification of youth for profit, and the marketing conundrum. Let’s be real, he said he “saw the future”. That’s all he said in terms of hype. And it’s true. So stupidification is not Josh’s crime, just some interesting thread by which we can hope to see the future better. Let’s cap off the hypothetical experiment with “as generic as possible answers for out-there questions” written into the code. Safe. Smart. Would amuse and mystify even the human counterpart themselves. Write into the code a distinct attempt to never “same answer” unless it’s “same question” and we’re getting somewhere. Now before I elaborate stupidification just so, bear in mind this is not the “ethics” bit. Okay. Is it “dangerous” to gift the magic Selena 8-ball to unsuspecting youth? Wow… I didn’t even have that analogy or a concise definition for our case specific stupidification rumination until I was writing that exact sentence. Cool. Now, ethics is a weird issue. It strikes me from the perspective of personalities and their recourse to a proliferation of this modality. More in the sense of the solitary hack in an era of general popularity for such bots. We already have a legal basis for approval via trademark law. But damage can be done extra-judiciously. My instinct is to refrain from branding information as bot because we are humanizing bot unnecessarily. To hone the humanity of bots is the actual thing, and marketing is a well known tall-tale-er. That stuff is perhaps why we have our third problem. Young people are only out to eat bots alive. For every kid that likes a chat bot there is one who wants that bots mugshot on the evening news. Guess who wins when they both win. Why are our brethren like this?? Well… as much as we ourselves thus such thrive on potential, bots = boredom. And simply symbio-jacking celebrities doesn’t necessarily change that. I hesitate to think that rudimentary media on elevated platforms is truly problem solving. But getting kids interested in research is highly commendable.

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